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Our Project Managers hold United States Department of Energy (DOE) Q Clearances. Q Clearance is a DOE security clearance equivalent to a United States Department of Defense Top Secret (TS) clearance and Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information (CNWDI). DOE clearances apply for access specifically relating to atomic or nuclear related materials.

Our Q Clearance and excellent security record have allowed us to be placed on the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Approved Suppliers List to complete high security ML1-ML4 projects.


We are qualified to Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) standards, having a Quality Assurance Program in place that is compliant and auditable under the Department of Energy (DOE) ASME NQA-1. Our Quality Assurance Program has become an integral part of our management system and ensures that nuclear safety-related activities are properly planned, performed, documented and verified. This helps us provide error-free products to our customers on time and within budget.

The Quality Assurance Program provides objective evidence that work activities are consistently planned, implemented, and maintained in accordance with NQA-1 standards, or portions thereof. The program identifies the activities and items to which it applies and includes consideration of the technical aspects of the activities affecting quality. All personnel performing activities affecting quality are trained to assure that proficiency is achieved and maintained. Our management team continually assesses the adequacy of the program to assure its effective implementation.