Emergency Generator Installation for Five Buildings

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Emergency Generator Installation for Five Buildings

Transformer; Seal Beach Weapons StationClient: Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station

Location: Seal Beach, CA

Lopez Engineering was engaged to provide standby engine generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS) for five buildings at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.  Each had its own loading requirements as well as overall requirements from the base and its environmental department. 

Initially loads were measured during field work that were substantially less than the transformer kVA ratings.  The base electricians tested for the maximum loading for each building and added priorities that would also be required at that location.  This, in turn, answered questions concerning the loading of the existing transformers.  Four of the five buildings had existing transformers whose secondary was to be used to insert the standby engine generator system.  Work on this project was restricted to ‘off-hours’ and was location specific.  The building usage also gave restrictions on the length of time the power could be out without generator backup while construction was underway.

Instrumentation and controls for the engine generators and automatic transfer switches consists of standard equipment items (controls and instrumentation) contained in the engine generator and automatic transfer switches.  They are designed and installed to automatically start the diesel

engine generator upon loss of power and transfer building load to the diesel engine generator once it came up to frequency and voltage.  Additionally, these pre-packaged controls have a standard feature that allows someone to exercise (start) the engine generator, run it under load for a period of time, run it through a cool down cycle, and then turn if off.  These are standard off the shelf items ready for purchase.