10th Ave Marine Terminal

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10th Ave Marine Terminal

10th Avenue Marine TerminalClient: San Diego Unified Port District

Location: San Diego, California

The San Diego Unified Port District engaged Lopez Engineering, Inc. (LEI) to upgrade the underground telephone and signal manhole system at the 10th Ave Marine Terminal. The new system was to be installed throughout the existing manhole layout before the existing system was removed to keep the clients up and running with no down time.

The base provided site plans including the Telephone Manhole (TMH) locations, then creation of as-builts of the existing TMH system began. Preliminary field work supplied the routing of the cables and single line drawings of the system were laid out. From these, the phases of demolition and installation were laid out to keep the port phone system up and running.

Project was temporarily put on hold due to unforseen changes in facilities planning and modifications to the scope of work. LEI resumed design and project schedule and the project is due to go to bid at the beginning of March 2011.

Removal and installation began from the Main Point of Entry (MPOE) at 980 Gull Street and terminated at the MPOE at each building. After the telephone system was converted from the old to new, the demolition of the old system took place. Field inspections showed abandoned cables that required removal to make room before the new system was installed. The inspections also showed existing aluminum conduits that required replacement by concrete encased duct banks. The project cost was estimated to be $800,000.