MCAS Basewide Renewables Study

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MCAS Basewide Renewables Study

Marine Corps Air Station MiramarClient: Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Miramar

Location: San Diego CA

To achieve Net Zero status, the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in Miramar is pursuing initiatives to bring renewable energy to the base. Lopez Engineering (LEI) was a subcontractor to Teza Design for this study analyzing and evaluating the electrical system for the base. Estimated annual savings after achieving net zero energy independence will range from approximately $1.5M in 2012 to $10M in 2030.

Existing drawings for the electrical system were reviewed; electrical system components were visited and observed after the MCAS Miramar electricians opened these equipments; MCAS Miramar maintenance personnel familiar with the electrical system were interviewed; and SKM software was used to perform short circuit, protective device coordination, and arc flash calculations.

Much of the base’s electrical system dates back to the 1990’s. The electrical system evaluated includes a metering station, a switching station, several substations, and approximately one-hundred 12 kV switches distributed throughout the base. These switches in turn feed pad-mount transformers, and switchgears. The existing Landfill cogeneration facility houses 4 generators run by landfill gas engines.

After reviewing the drawings, gathering data in the field, interviewing MCAS Miramar maintenance personnel, analyzing the data gathered, and performing the calculations, findings were determined and listed and recommendations made.

Cost estimates were prepared to account for system upgrades in order to connect the renewable energy projects to the base electrical grid.