Electrical System Study for VA Long Beach Hospital and Campus

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Electrical System Study for VA Long Beach Hospital and Campus

Client: U.S. CVA Long Beach Hospital and Campusorps of Engineers- Los Angeles District

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Lopez Engineering, Inc. (LEI) prepared an electrical system study for the VA Long Beach Hospital and Campus.  The study consisted of providing an independent overview of the entire electrical infrastructure conditions in each building and at each medical Center.  SKM power tools for windows was used for the analysis of the electrical power system that included:

Developing Single Line Diagrams

Preparing Short Circuit Study

Performing Hazard-Risk analysis

Developing Protective Device Coordination Study

Preparing Voltage Drop Calculations

Performing Analysis and Evaluation

Preparing Protective Device Settings

Preparing Arc-Flash Calculations and labels

Developing Cost Estimates

The site-wide study encompassed Bldg 126, the 11 story hospital, and 24 additional campus buildings, comprising approximately 750,000 square feet.  The electrical system includes a 12 kV feed from SCE consisting of a preferred incoming line and an alternate (emergency) line.  These incoming lines are connected to 1,200amps 12kV double-ended primary switchgear with an intermediate tie section.

Three 1,200 amp frame, 3 pole circuit breakers rated at 15kV on opposite sides of the double-ended switchgear distribute medium voltage throughout the campus serving the 25 buildings.  At each building or group of small buildings, a transformer steps the voltage down to either 480Y/277 V, 3 Ø, 4 W or 208Y/120 V, 3 Ø, 4 W.  Our study and report identified projects worth over $6,000,000.

For each building, LEI examined the electrical systems to estimate their condition, remaining useful life, and identify all code violations.  Many codes have changed over the years and building deficiencies were identified especially pertaining to current codes.  Electrical engineers evaluated the electrical distribution system as well as the emergency electrical system.  The CA report identified many retrofit projects with associated construction cost estimates that will serve for VALB personnel to estimate their construction budgets for years to come.

One report encompassed six 4” binders.