Houweling Nurseries – 1MW PV Solar Array

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Houweling Nurseries – 1MW PV Solar Array

Houweling Nurseries PV SystemClient: ViaSol

Location: Camarillo, CA

LEI was retained by ViaSol to design a Single-Axis Tracking Photovoltaic system for Houwelings Nurseries in Camarillo, California.  This project provides ides renewable power generation at the facility.

It reduces current energy usage primarily during daily peak periods, which is the most expensive energy to generate.  A steel structure was erected above an irrigation pond to provide the module mounting area.  The combiner boxes and pumps were also mounted on the raised structure. The inverters, transformer and electrical panel boards were mounted on a raised concrete structure near the south end of the pond.

System design utilizes five thousand four hundred and eighteen (5418) photovoltaic modules, each rated for 210 watts at full power.  To combine and convert the power from the photovoltaic modules, thirty three (33) combiner boxes and four (4) 250kW inverters were designed.  Each inverter feeds an electrical switchboard’s fused disconnect.

This, in turn, feeds back to the main switchgear via a metered utility visible disconnect with disconnects on both sides of the meter.  The single-axis tracking system is fed by the photovoltaic array through an uninterruptible power supply.