Electrical Engineering Services for Bosque Farms Elementary School

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Electrical Engineering Services for Bosque Farms Elementary School

Bosque Farms Elementary SchoolClient: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini

Location: Bosque Farms, NM

Lopez Engineering, Inc. subcontractor to Dekker/Perich/Sabatini provided electrical engineering services for the Bosque Farms Elementary School located in Bosque Farms, New Mexico.

LEI’s initial project was an electrical condition assessment survey for the existing Elementary School. Electrical systems evaluated included the electrical infrastructure/power distribution, lighting systems, telephone/data systems, Fire Alarm system and Public Address System. LEI provided a written evaluation with cost estimate for systems upgrades/renovations.

The assessment included an On-Site Survey of the entire facility’s mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems with particular emphasis on the condition of the systems, evaluation of the system operation and their ability to properly serve the facility (and future expansions), identification of general problem areas with potential causes, evaluation of remaining life, identification of parts availability and maintainability, evaluation of current code violations, identification of systems requiring immediate repair, identification of items needing upgrades/replacement.

LEI’s more recent Bosque Farm Project was to renovate two of the existing wings, approximately 21,00 GSF (1936 and 1988 buildings) and build out approximately 27,600 GSF of new building space, as well as the demolition of the existing 1965 building. The project included new electrical infrastructure design, utility analysis of the electrical, telecommunication, and cable TV services, as well as Public Address System, Fire Alarm, Telephone/Data, and Security System. LEI conducted field investigation for the locations of the utility services and existing electrical infrastructure, attended meetings, and corresponded with utility companies for point of connections. The project is broken down into four stages: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction, and Bid/Construction Administration. As part of Schematic Design LEI provided site demolition drawings for the renovated electrical service to the site, design of the electrical systems including equipment types and methods for providing site utilities, site lighting, building lighting, electrical and special systems. LEI will also provide a schematic design for the utility points of connection including electrical and telephone. Based on schematic design, LEI provided design development documents to include: lighting calculations, floor plans, cost estimate, and electrical site plans for transformer location, entrance lighting, exterior building lighting, and parking lot lighting. Following design development, complete construction documents were prepared to include: specifications, voltage drop calculations for site lighting, panelboard schedule, and demolition plans for electrical infrastructure and equipment in the 1936, 1988 and 1965 buildings. Currently the project is in the final stage, Bid & Award/Construction Administration.  LEI has provided bid support including preparation of addenda and bid evaluation. Construction Administration will consist of RFI responses, submittal review, Construction Inspection, and preparation of as-built drawings.