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Our Services:

Design Services

Asking questions and listening to what the client wants is our starting point for all design and planning. Whether working on a 200,000 square foot school, a multi-floor office building or a small parking lot, our designers consider the site’s physical surrounding and the client’s desires to conceptualize what is required to meet their needs.

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Project Development Services

We understand, budgets are tight. Our approach to Project Development involves coming up with the best way to get the job done on time and within budget. We work with our client to come up with customized solutions to fit their budget and needs.

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Project Implementation Services

We make sure projects are done right. From assistance during construction to communication with the client, responsive project management is our first priority.

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Project Commissioning Services

From LEED documentation to testing, we verify that the client gets their energy savings. We ensure systems are installed properly, fully functional and compliant.

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